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Science and research – financial support, grants, project management

We provide for our partners and clients:

  • Grant advice and consultancy service: We like to share our experience. We recommend the suitable financial resources for the research project.
  • Formation of the research teams consisting of companies, universities, research institutes: The grant programmes aimed to research and development pose different claims for the interconnection of companies, research institutes and universities. Therefore we help you to find the suitable partners for the project investigation.
  • “Turn-key” grant administration: The research and development project is accompanied by a number of administrative documents, announcements and reports required by the grant authorities. We can provide you all the administration work that does not concern with research activity.
  • • The range of our service meets the client requirements, e.g.:
  • - Processing of grant application,
    -Finding the project manager – the investigator investigates and manager provides administration
    - Participation in the factual investigation of the project parts



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